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The Most popular Items

The  Most popular Items

Camarones al Diablo – 8 prawns served in a Chipotle Sauce with rice and beans and two tortillas. Includes soup or salad and chocolate cake and coffee or tea 16.25

#1 through #14 dinners include soup or salad and two tortillas (on request)

#1 Dona Esther Special – Chicken enchilada, chicken taco, and chicken burrito. Served with rice and refritos. $16.75

#2 Tostada Fiesta – Made on flour tortilla, topped with beans, chicken, shredded beef, and cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, and sour cream. ½ order 8.75     Large$12.00



#3 Carne Asada – We use choice beef – Rib Eye Steak. Rib Eye Steak is grilled and served with mild sauce. Also served with rice and refritos, soup, or salad. $14.50

#4 Mission Carmel – Chile relleno, cheese enchilada, and taco. Served with rice and refritos. $13.25

#5 Mission San Luis Rey de Francia – Ground beef enchilada, tamale. Served with rice and refritos. $11.50


 Mission Santa Ines – Chile verde, made with tomatoes, onions,
bell peppers in a mild sauce. Served with rice and refritos.$13.25




Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana – Ground beef taco, tamale, 
ground beef enchilada. Served with rice and refritos. $11.95
8 Mission Santa Barbara – Shredded beef flautas, topped with guacamole and sour cream. Served with rice and refritos. $11.50    With chicken $12.00

#9 Mission Santa Clara de Asis – Flour chicken flauta, flour chicken taco, chile verde burrito. Served with rice and refritos $12.25